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Gouttelette Printing Process

In a nutshell, this printing process is the Rolls Royce of print making!

What exactly is the Gouttelette Printing Process?

By using the Gouttelette process, your print will be undistinguishable from the original.

It is an entirely new digital printing process available called gouttelette™ (pronounced “goo-ta-let”) of which you may be unaware, is the next stage along the evolutionary chain from the giclée method. Derived from the French word for “droplet”, gouttelette™ is a combination of huge technological developments in the printing world which allow artists now to print reproductions of the very highest quality and fidelity to the original.

Why is it different?

In addition to using coated papers, the new gouttelette™ process allows me to use beautiful uncoated papers, which are excellent for image reproduction because they allow the ink to travel down the paper fibres more easily and into the sheet itself (“wicking”). This can be seen with the exceptional results that are achieved for watercolour reproductions.

The gouttelette™ process, combined with the traditional skills and experience of my printing team, creates results far superior to the average digital print.

Please contact to find out more about this process if you wish